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Nicole Rolet and how Chêne Bleu earnt its Super Rhône status

“If you were to visit Chȇne Bleu today, tucked in to the foothills of Mont Ventoux, it would be hard to imagine a site that had been abandoned for years. Not only is it now a beautiful home for Xavier and Nicole Rolet, but it has been transformed in to a vineyard producing wines that have been awarded Super Rhone status by the world’s top critics. Nicole Rolet shares her story with The Buyer.

“Dreams really can come true as Nicole Rolet looks back on how a determination to transform abandoned terroir in a forgotten part of the Rhône has resulted in international respect for Chȇne Bleu.

“The world of wine is full of magical, intriguing and inspiring wine stories. Or at least it claims to be. But how often have you been told what you are about to read is a “unique” tale of derring do, when actually it is pretty similar to a lot of other wineries and winemaking stories around the word.

“So in danger of setting myself up for a fall, can I dare venture that the story of Rhône producer, Chȇne Bleu, does actually live up to the ‘magical’ and ‘inspiring’ billing. It might not have felt like that for the owners and winemakers involved, but considering it only started making its own wine 10 years ago, and is already regarded as one of the most significant producers in the Rhône valley, then it must have been sprinkling some magic dust somewhere.

“Such has been Chȇne Bleu’s impact over the last 10 years it has already earned itself the status of being a ‘Super Rhône’ wine producer…”

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Richard Siddle, January 18, 2017
Nicole Rolet and how Chêne Bleu earnt its Super Rhône status