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Sparkling Wines for Every Occasion and Budget

“With high-quality sparkling wine available at every price point, there’s no need to limit consumption to special events. We’ve assembled our tasters’ favorite bubblies from $25 or less—bottles that are ideal for casual gatherings and meals—up to the ultra-splurges destined for milestone celebrations. 

“No matter the reason for indulging your fizzy bliss, with this many great choices, you can’t go wrong…

Over $100

“Once the exclusive realm of Champagne, these heights are now being reached by examples from California and Spain. These are the ultimate expressions of sparkling wine artistry, shining with clarity and complexity, bringing brilliance to the table. Sure, they’re expensive, but you can’t take it with you…

Schramsberg 2008 J Schram Rosé (North Coast); 96 points. A beautiful, complex and complete wine that’s just coming into its own.”

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Editors of Wine Enthusiast, January 18, 2017
Sparkling Wines for Every Occasion and Budget