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The Asti-ization of America

Suddenly, everywhere that I go, everyone seems to be talking about Asti.

Actually there are two Astis- both wines made in Asti in Piedmont from the same grape (Moscato) but producing two very different wines. One is the fully sparkling, fully commercial product (Asti Spumante) and the other is the more obscure (and to my mind) much more delightful: half-sparkling Moscato d’Asti.

These are the wines that I love, particularly from producers like Saracco and Ceretto and La Spinetta (Rivetti) who produce some of the easiest-to-love dessert wines in the world. Low in alcohol and wonderfully aromatic – marked by notes of peach and apricot, they also possess a vibrant acidity that keeps the wine fresh and bright.

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Lettie Teague, November 9, 2010
The Asti-ization of America