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The Best Champagne Bottle You Can Buy, According to 40 Experts

“Our tip for Champagne? Ask and ye shall receive.

“We sent out a simple missive to our favorite food and beverage pals a few weeks back: What Champagne are you drinking — or would you recommend drinking — on New Year’s Eve, and why?

“The responses? A veritable deluge of bubblies. And diverse, both in style and price point. You’ll see $15 bottles in our list, and some in the high three- and four-figure range. And some of our experts went to different sippers: sparkling wines from New Mexico, Spain and Austria all make an appearance. We even have a red wine or two in there.

“So drink up. You can’t go wrong…

“‘Gosset 2006 Grand Millesime. There’s no better way to say farewell to 2016 than a glass of Champagne that’s a decade old. This luxury Champagne house has been around for over 425 years, and it’s known for quality and extended cellar aging. Within the glass you’ll find soft floral notes and bright citrus fruit with a refreshing lingering finish.’
—Alexandria Sarovich, sommelier at The Florentine

“‘I choose Schramsberg Blanc de Blancs Brut, one of my favorite bubbles produced in Napa Valley. It’s made entirely of chardonnay grapes, giving it a crisp clean taste and bright acidity. There’s historical significance to this one as well: President Nixon served this wine in 1972 at the ‘Toast to Peace’ in Beijing.’”
—Raymond Chester, Beverage Director of Lowcountry (Chicago)

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Kirk Miller, December 23, 2016
The Best Champagne Bottle You Can Buy, According to 40 Experts