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The Blue Oak of Provence

“Nicole Rolet , Pricipal of Chene Blue…was a welcome and riveting guest at THE TASTING PANEL HQ this past September. Rolet tasted us on four of her exquisite wines…We gushed over each wine and were impressed with the supreme balance of fruit and noticeable mineral components that act as a through-line, nealry conjuring the land itself, which lies at the crossroads of four appellations.

“Although French critic Michel Bettane has called the Chene Blue project ‘the birth of a new grand cru,’ the decision was made to remain a Vin de Pays, because as Rolet explains, ‘Terroir and appellations are sometimes in conflict with the reality of geography and climate,’ and for this property and these wines, they believe the best results are achieved without the appellation constraints.”

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Jonathan Cristaldi, October 2013
The Blue Oak of Provence