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Top 10 New Products in May

“Royal Tokaji has launched a limited edition, red lacquered wooden gift box containing its collection of all five 2008 Single Vineyard Aszú wines – Mézes Mály, Szt Tamás, Nyulázsó, Betsek, Birsalmás – and the Gold Label 6 puttonyos Aszú.

“Only 1,000 of these wooden boxes are available as Royal Tokaji made just over 1,000 bottles of Birsalmás in 2008.

“The 2008 vintage offer will be the last such offer, as we know it, comprising all our 5 Single Vineyard Aszú wines, because the Tokaji weather pattern prevented the company from producing any Single Vineyard Aszú Wines in 2010, 2011 or 2012. Only Mézes Mály in 2009 and no Birsalmás in 2013. So the next ‘Royal flush’ may or may not be in 2014, to be released, at the earliest in 2018.”

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Latoyah Shaw, June 25, 2014
Top 10 New Products in May