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What Goes Well With Smoked Salmon Salad?

“…Try Gainey’s 2012 Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc. In 2006, in his book ‘The Great Wines of America — The Top Forty Vintners, Vineyards, and Vintages,’ award-winning author Paul Lukac selected Gainey Vineyard Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc as one of America’s 40 finest wines. Gainey continues to craft their Limited Selection Sauvignon Blanc in the same winning style and from the same vines in their Home Ranch vineyard. Doing so ensures that they consistently capture this exceptional wine’s quintessential attributes: fresh, vibrant, honeydew melon, white grapefruit, guava and lime aromas — with complementary floral, vanilla, mineral and spice scents — and sleek, yet mouth filling, melon, pomelo, lime and spice flavors that culminate in a long, crisp finish. Beautifully structured, with perfectly balanced acidity and a refreshing mineral tone, this delicious Sauvignon Blanc is a delightful accompaniment to a wide range of seafood, salad and vegetarian dishes.”

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John David Finley, December 1, 2013
What Goes Well With Smoked Salmon Salad?