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Your wine fairy godmother recommends 3 fantastic rosés for spring

One comes from the label of Springfield’s own John Legend

Every year when April rolls around Ohioans let out a collective sigh of relief, but this year spring feels especially good. After a long, cold, pandemic-doom-filled winter, spring is finally here. Now, more important than ever before, it is patio season — that glorious time of year when restaurants allow outside dining and one can enjoy a glass of wine in the sunshine, at long last. Even better than patio season? Rosé season.

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I love rosé. It’s crisp, it’s cold and it looks so pretty in a glass. There are so many fantastic rosés out there, but where to start? Sometimes picking out wine in the grocery store can make you feel a little lost. Often people will grab for the flashiest label, but that doesn’t always lend itself to the best wine. So consider me your wine fairy godmother as I offer up a few of my favorite rosés this season at various price points.

Recommended roses.

Peyrassol Cuvée des Commandeurs Rosé — $24.99

Yet another wine from the same region in France, this delicate wine is a treat for a true wine lover. Made from a blend of the grapes Syrah, Grenache (my personal favorite) and Cinsault, this is a classic rosé with flavors of gooseberry and raspberry. Crisp, tart and very dry. Though this wine is the most expensive on the list, it’s still a very good price for the quality. The Peyrassol is perfect for a spring evening with friends over a plate of grilled salmon and veggies. It’s fruit forward and tastes oh so sophisticated.

Your wine fairy godmother recommends 3 fantastic rosés for spring