Veneto, Italy

Venusa Bianco, Venice — 2020

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  • Introduction

    • WINERY: Venissa is a project of agricultural rejuvenation and sustainable hospitality set on Mazzorbo Island, Venice, Italy. Here, we want to have a proactive role in the protection of the integrity and the authenticity of Native Venice through the conservation and valorization of historical and traditional knowledge and practices. Everything began with a desire to give a new life to the Dorona, the native grape variety of the lagoon that almost disappeared after the destructive flood of 1966. Within the walled vineyard of the Venissa estate, we reinstituted the century-old tradition of viticulture in the lagoon, rediscovering the symbiosis between the Dorona and its terroir of origin.

      WINE: Venusa Bianco represents a new interpretation of the Dorona that spurred from a different selection in the vineyard of Mazzorbo. It stands out for its freshness and drinkability as well as for its sapidity, all backed up by great character and rarity. Label image depicts the resilient roots of the Dorona vines, among shells and other elements of this incredible context.

  • Vineyard Profile

    • Venissa follows natural viticultural practices, according to which attention must be given to everything that surrounds the grapevines in an attempt to promote biodiversity and create an environment with a natural equilibrium that requires minimum human intervention. Venissa knowledge takes care of each micro area of the vineyard, in order to select and monitor the different outcomes and levels of vigor generated by the extreme conditions.

    • Appellation: Veneto IGT
    • Location: Veneto
    • Cultivation: Sustainable
    • Soil: Loamy-sandy, rich in organic material and clay
    • Orientation: East to west
    • Density: 4000 (1,619 vines/acre)
  • Vintage Report

    • The 2020 season started with mild spring rain and high temperatures, promoting exceptional vegetative growth and a productive yield for the Dorona grape. Conditions in August and September were ideal for harvesting fully mature grapes with well-balanced organoleptic characteristics.

    • Harvest Date(s): Manually, First ten days of September
    • Average Yields: 1.5 Kg (3.31 pounds)
  • Vinification

    • This is a wine with strong character and sophistication, made from a 7-day maceration process, reflecting local wine traditions. It matures for 2 years in concrete tanks before sale. The 2020 Venusa Bianco vintage, the first under Matteo Bisol’s direction, sees Venissa Estate continuing its mission from vineyard to cellar, using natural fermentation methods and no-filter bottling.

    • Aging: 2 years in concrete vats
  • Technical Information

    • Varietal Composition: 100% Dorona
    • Alcohol: 12.5%
    • TA: 2 g/L
    • p H: 3.60
    • RS: 2 g/L
  • Tasting Notes

    • The olfactory profile presents a subtle intensity of floral notes, backed by bright yellow fruit: wildflowers, ripe peach, and quince. On the palate, the wine mirrors the nose’s fragrance, complemented by salty mineral notes that highlight its Venetian lagoon origin. A juicy acidity punctuates each sip, amplifying its verticality and drinkability.