Champagne Gosset

Champagne, France


  • Odilon de Varine

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    Odilon de Varine joined Champagne Gosset in 2006 as deputy managing director. In 2016, he became the cellarmaster for the house and will also continue in his deputy managing director role.

    For Odilon, wine is the family business. He was born in Reims, his mother was a grower in Burgundy and his father looked after the vineyards of a well-known Champagne house.

    Odilon completed his degree in enology in Reims in 1989 and spent two years as cellarmaster at an Alsatian domaine. In 1991, he moved to Champagne and worked as cellarmaster at Champagne Deutz (1991-2003) and Champagne Henriot (2003-2006) before joining Champagne Gosset.

    As chef de cave for Champagne Gosset, Odilon plans to continue the philosophy of Jean-Pierre Mareigner, the former cellarmaster, “At Gosset we first create a wine. The bubbles make it sublime.”

    Odilon is married with six children and when he is not enjoying his family or fine wine, he pursues his passion for rugby and restoring and racing vintage cars.

    Odilon de Varine
  • Gabrielle Bouby-Malagu

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    Gabrielle Bouby-Malagu joined Champagne Gosset as Deputy Cellar Master in June 2017, a logical progression for a woman born in a farming family who has spent the last seventeen years in sparkling wine production.

    Gabrielle was born in Châtellerault, south of Tours in the Loire Valley. She completed her degree in enology at the French Wine and Vine Institute (IFV), a French research center recognized as the agricultural technical Institute for the French wine industry. Gabrielle spent a few years honing her skills in traditional method sparkling wine production at Veuve Ambal in Burgundy, but most of her career has been focused in Champagne as cellar master at the Hautvillers cooperative. For over a decade Gabrielle worked to institute quality and sustainability initiatives, revitalizing the wine program and launching premium brand, Hélène Delhéry.

    “Wine is experimental. Each winemaker has a different sensibility. In this case, each tasting leads to a dual approach by Odilon and myself. Different paths and a unique conclusion is our motto to achieve choices in accordance with a consistent Gosset style.” Gabrielle is married with two children and she enjoys traveling and hiking in her free time.