Hyde de Villaine (HdV)

California: Napa Valley, United States


  • Aubert de Villaine, Director, Philosopher

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    Aubert de Villaine, married to the Hyde’s cousin Pamela (Fairbanks) de Villaine, is one of Burgundy’s most respected individuals. As the director of the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, Aubert has spent years in careful study of every nuance that may enhance his viticulture and enological practices. Born and raised deep in the rich traditions of France’s greatest winemakers, Aubert drives the HdV viticulture and winemaking philosophy. Though tradition and history may run heavily in his veins, his relentless desire to experiment and learn has brought him to Napa Valley to work with his family. Aubert was introduced to California wines in 1964, when he spent six months in the Napa Valley and interviewed Robert Mondavi for the French publication, Revue du Vin de France.


    Aubert de Villaine
  • Larry Hyde, Director, Viticulturist

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    Born into one of the oldest farming families in California, Larry Hyde came to the Napa Valley more than 40 years ago with a great love of wine and the soil. Larry spent his childhood accompanying his father visiting family farms in the Central Valley. He attended the University of California at Berkeley, then transferred to UC Davis. In 1970, he was hired by Ridge Vineyards as a vineyard worker; two years later he bought a small wine press to explore home winemaking. Over the next five years, Larry worked for several respected wineries. In 1977, he left his job at Joseph Phelps to purchase and transform a plot of land in Carneros into what is now Hyde Vineyard. Larry is known for his cooperative spirit and his relentless desire to share and exchange information learned in his vineyards to improve the quality of viticulture throughout the valley.


    Larry Hyde
  • Guillaume Boudet, Winemaker

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    Born and raised in the South-West region of France, Guillaume graduated with a Master’s degree in Agricultural Engineering, then pursued a degree in Winemaking and Viticulture from the University of Bordeaux, while working for ultra-premium wineries in the Sonoma Coast and the Bordeaux regions. His passion for wine was first initiated at a young age by his grandfather, who worked as a cooper with many of the first growth Chateaux of Bordeaux.
    Guillaume works closely with Larry Hyde in the vineyard and reports to Aubert de Villaine on all matters involving winemaking. He is committed to making terroir driven wines, which emphasize characteristics and qualities of the vineyard site, with minimal intervention in the cellar. This philosophy has served him well, as he is recognized as one of the top young French winemakers in Napa Valley.


    Guillaume Boudet
  • James Eyer, General Manager

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    James Eyer joined Hyde de Villaine in the fall of 2014. Locally raised and educated, James brings 15 years of food and beverage experience to the team. In 2005, he received his undergraduate degree in history from Pacific Union College. Eight years later, James earned his MBA from Sonoma State University with a focus in wine business. With extensive experience in direct-to-consumer sales and marketing, James has a well-rounded understanding of the wine industry. Previous to HdV, James worked for Schweiger Vineyards for seven years.

    James Eyer