Provence, France


  • Philippe Austruy

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    Philippe Austruy, a passionate wine lover and the owner of several estates in France and Europe, including the Château Malescasse in the Haut-Médoc, the Quinta da Côrte in the Douro and the Case Nuove in Tuscany, acquired the Commanderie de Peyrassol in 2001, determined to restore its centuries old reputation. To oversee operations, he assembled the best experts and a competent team. Today that mission has been accomplished: the domaine, managed by his nephew Alban Cacaret, is one of the crown jewels of Provence. The Austruy’s properties have become synonymous with a disciplined approach, the pursuit of excellence and the art of living.

    Philippe Austruy
  • Alban Cacaret

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    Managing Director

    After completing a degree in pharmacy, Alban Cacaret, the nephew of Philippe Austruy, made a radical change of direction. He arrived at the Château Peyrassol in 2002, where he faced the task of overseeing the extensive renovation: everything was to be restructured, from the vineyard to the buildings. While overseeing the restoration project, he also completed a baccalaureate in viticulture and oenology to familiarize himself with the foundation. The rest he would learn over the following years, with the solid support of the domaine team. He now knows the Commanderie de Peyrassol inside out and for the last 20 years has taken a methodical and sensitive approach to running the business.

    Alban Cacaret
  • Françoise Rigord

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    Françoise is a member of the Rigord family who first purchased Commanderie de Peyrassol in 1790. Since the 1800s, it has been the wives of Peyrassol who have managed the domaine while their husbands pursued their careers in the liberal professions, until Dr. Rigord, Françoise’s husband, inherited the domaine in 1967 and set about replanting a large portion of the property. After a successful career in Public Relations, Françoise joined her husband in the world of wine, diving into oenology studies. In 1977 she began working in the winery and marketing the wines of the Commanderie. Her brilliant blending skills and generous sense of hospitality brought her and the Commanderie to become a leader in the region and beyond. Since the 1981 vintage, her wines have been celebrated in the finest restaurants all over the world. She recounts her experience as one of the first pioneering women of the wine industry in her book, La Dame de Peyrassol. After selling to the winery to Philippe in 2001, she has remained involved and continues to live on property at the estate.

    Françoise Rigord