Veneto, Italy

Mariano Buglioni

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Mariano Buglioni, the owner of the eponymous estate in San Pietro in Cariano, located in Valpolicella Classico, shares his passion for wine and life with his wife, Clara, their three children, Cristiano, 20, Gaia, 15, and Emma, 13. A native of Verona, Mariano was born October 12, 1971 to Gabriella and Alfredo Buglioni, his loving parents and company partners. Growing up in the countryside of Valpolicella from three years of age influenced Mariano’s love for developing vineyards and enjoying nature’s gift of wine.

Mariano, formerly in the textile industry, produced his first wines from the 2000 vintage. Mariano currently crafts several types of wine, from the famous Amarone and Valpolicella – to the unique, such as a sparkling Molinara and a 100% Garganega IGT. Mariano has also made a name for himself with his eateries, especially with his osteria located on Corso Porta Borsari in the heart of the old section of Verona. Another osteria of his is in the town of Santa Maria de Negrar; this one is larger and less crowded, but just as engaging. There is a beautiful bar and display of all the foods and wines available. Mariano’s locanda, located in the countryside of Valpolicella just a short walk from his agriturismo in Cariano, is a warm and inviting dining experience to be enjoyed with Buglioni’s well-made wines from traditional and indigenous varieties of the Valpolicella Classico.