Domaine Faiveley

Bourgogne, France


  • Erwan Faiveley, Vintner

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    Erwan has always been a lover of Burgundy and its wines. In 2005, he succeeded his father and immediately invested in new equipment in order to pursue the quest for excellence undertaken by his ancestors. He works to create wines that reveal their potential from an early age and have excellent aging potential. The 2007 vintage then imprints the new style of the estate.

    After a Math Sup-Math Spé preparatory school, he attended ESCP, from which he graduated without thinking of going into the family business. After graduating, he went to work in finance in the United States at a large industrial company.

    “Burgundy is my terroir, in every sense of the word. I was born in Dijon, did my early studies there, and spent my entire childhood in the area.”

    Erwan Faiveley, Vintner
  • Eve Faiveley, Vintner

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    The first daughter of seven generations- joined the family business alongside her brother Erwan in 2014, after several years working in the cosmetics sector in Paris. Passionate about luxury and aesthetics, her desire is to produce great local wines by drawing inspiration from a know-how passed down for almost two centuries. Together, they are committed to preserving this magnificent heritage for future generations.

    Eva Faiveley, Vintner
  • Jérôme Flous, Winemaker

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    Jerome has blessed the Domaine with his passion for the Fine Wines of Burgundy since he joined the team in 2007 as Wines and Vineyards Director. He has helped modernize the Faiveley wines, reducing the tannins and focusing the wine more on the fruit, and strives for perfection and excellence, from the work in the vineyards to the bottling of each of the Domaines wines.

    Jérôme Flous, Winemaker